Monday, September 7, 2009

Three Demolitions Underway in the Central West End

Ettrick Building demolition at 4901 Forest Park Boulevard underway. 
(to be followed by Shoenberg Nurses Residence and 3-17 S. Euclid)

Last Greek Festival on the lawn of the soon to be demolished
Shoenberg Nurses Residence at 4949 Forest Park Boulevard

Eternity nears end at 17 South Euclid Avenue

Demolition of the San Luis: Only half of the center tower remains

"The Catholic Church Welcomes You"

4483 Lindell will likely be no more than a hole in the ground by weeks end.

Demolition of Rabe Hall at 4520 Forest Park Boulevard commences


Anonymous said...

Not sure what the problem is - that hardhat guy on the sign is giving us the big thumbs up. Everything is going to be OK.

Chris said...

They've been using those weird bubble guys for decades. Blech.

Anonymous said...

now, instead of the beautiful and comforting facade of the shoenburg, dancing with light and shadow as in the image above, greek-festival-goers will see yet another surface lot.

i'm going to be sick.


Vanishing STL said...

The Preservation Board agenda for the meeting when demolition was approved stated that the building would be replaced by a park space, which is almost as ridiculous as a parking lot since 1,200 acre Forest Park lies less than 500 feet west!

The rendering does show what appears to be the existing driveway and small parking lot that now exists behind Shoenberg remaining though. Either way, this building is being demolished for nothing.

Jeff said...

The Central West End looks like Baghdad!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^^^ yeah, that's the surface lot i was talking about. i can't wait to sit in the pocket park and stare at the concrete.


Anonymous said...

My friend who lives across the street and down a block or two noticed his neighbor trying to destroy the 2 old growth trees on Lindell in the easement by the curb (in front of his commercial prop) says he thinks the city will not notice it because there is so much demolition taking place in the area.....I will submit photos as soon as I get them.


Anonymous said...

^ what? is that legal? don't just take pictures! call the cops! wow, lindell is gong to look just great with all its new holes...


Anonymous said...

I have the photos...will send directly to Paul.