Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two Days Left for Public Comment on Lid Alternatives

spruce looking north web.jpg
In case you missed MODOT's single two hour public meeting during the work day last week regarding "alternatives" to the lid concept between Downtown and the Arch, public comments can be made online through this Friday, April 20th. MODOT has a "virtual meeting" available with a brief description of the "alternatives" and a link to comment about them as well. Next STL also has a good synopsis of the options being considered.

While MODOT is not currently considering the popular alternative to the "lid" of bringing what will no longer be part of I-70 up to grade as an urban boulevard as rendered above, that does not mean you should not comment about that concept. Why should you comment about a highway to boulevard concept between Downtown and the Arch? Because this is now going to be considered north of Washington Avenue.

As part of a multi-modal access study for which St. Louis Development Corporation recently released an RFP, the elevated lanes between Washington and Cass will be considered for removal.


Chris said...

Those bicyclists should be wearing helmets.

Doug Duckworth said...

They shouldn't be cycling in a pedestrian cross either, but rather walking with their bikes.

Chris said...

The vast majority of bicyclists ignore traffic signals and signs, so at least it is accurate of reality

Vanishing STL said...

Ironically, this rendering was done by a person who does a lot of biking.