Wednesday, April 4, 2012

St. Louis Public Schools Will Burn $1.65 Million Demolishing Hodgen

Hodgen School

St. Louis Public Schools will lose around $1.6 million dollars by demolishing the old Hodgen School! Landmarks Association has obtained information showing that the combined environmental abatement and demolition will cost $774,297. 

Hilliker Corporation, who for several years has been the listing agent for surplus schools for sale currently has 4 other former SLPS elementary schools listed on their school properties page ranging from $19.03 to $20.57 per square foot. At $19.00 per square foot, the old Hodgen School would list for $874,000 if it was for sale instead of being demolished. 

The combined loss of our tax dollars for the demolition and loss of sale revenue totals $1.65 million! SLPS formerly had the Hodgen School for sale and in 2008 according to the Business Journal it was under contract, but since that time, apparently SLPS has decided it has money to burn.


Adam said...

1.65 million that they could use to build a single parking deck on top of their current parking lot to provide all their parking needs... it just doesn't make any sense.

GMichaud said...

It is another example of poor planning by the city. This is a perfect Apartment/Condo type of building and across from a new school, offering more possibilities. The building has way more value standing than gone. It is the demolition mentality that is so prevalent. They couldn't replace that building for several millions. The whole economics is so skewed, almost always in favor of demolition.

Anonymous said...

Occupy Hodgen.

Doug Duckworth said...

What a beautiful building that would make wonderful housing! Why the hell are they tearing it down when the rathole Carr School has been standing empty for decades? This building is not in any danger of falling down? Transfer ownership to a CDC or the LRA if they cannot afford having in their rolls? The Gate District is in a good location and has seen some development even during the recession. This could be an anchor and should not be demolished.

The Dandelion Girl said...

There are so many schools in st Louis that would make excellent housing... The problem is converting would cost a fortune and some are in sketchier neighborhoods such as the Shepard School

Anonymous said...

They could have sold the building and used the money to buy decent textbooks and school supplies for the kids. When I taught in the district, we had to buy our own paper for the kids to write on. They claimed they did not have enough money for something as basic as paper. It is beyond stupid, it is the throw-away mentality again.