Friday, June 10, 2011

Demolition Underway at Forest Park & Vandeventer

CORTEX's demolition at Forest Park Boulevard & Vandeventer is well underway this week with the front half of the one story section down as well as much of the two story building at the northwest corner of the complex.

With most of the portion fronting Forest Park gone, you can start to get a sense of the scale of the building and the vast amount of emptiness to come, well over an acre.

Only the parapet wall and the decorative iron scrollwork that graced the corner are missing from the more prominent three story building. When this comes down, the vista viewed from the west will open up to the gas station/carwash across Vandeventer and SLU's surface parking lot to the north.


Anonymous said...

that was fast... f*ck cortex.


Anonymous said...

well shit. i had this building on my list of places to take photos of because it looked interesting. i'm sure an empty lot will be a great replacement and equally photo-worthy...

samizdat said...

I wonder how much of that old-growth wood structure is going into a landfill? Most, I warrant. What a waste. But this is 'Merka, the most wasteful Nation on the planet. Good old buildings, good old ideas, good old people: they all get tossed on the trash heap. What a pathetic country.