Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mother Concordia Hall Half Gone

Demolition of Mother Concordia Hall on the campus of St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond Heights is well under way.  In just over a week, the entire north wing is gone, as is the roof of the west wing.  Earlier this week, St. Louis Patina posted some photos and video of the wrecking ball pounding the north end of the fifth floor chapel which faced Clayton Road.
Debris is piled high in front of the building entrance.

The last remaining of six balconies which opened off the sides of the chapel.

I did not get a chance to see the inside of Mother Concordia Hall.  I had thought about hopping the four foot fence along Clayton Road and walking in, but after being questioned by a guard about why I was photographing the building, I decided to not push my luck.  Thanks to reader Sublunar, however, we can see what the interior looked like through photos he posted on his blog.

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Anonymous said...

this is absolutely sick-years of memories, sacred building and demolished for what- a new wing? Whose great idea was this? There is going to be actually very little left of what was the God inspired hope for St.Mary's over the years!