Friday, April 16, 2010

Mann Elementary off the Chopping Block for Now

Last night at a meeting of the Special Administrative Board of St. Louis Public Schools, Superintendent Kelvin Adams outlined measures to cut $57.6 million in order to balance the budget for next year.  Additionally he outlined how a one-time federal grant to turn around 21 underperforming schools, including Mann Elementary, would be used.  Last year, SLPS announced the closure and potential demolition of Mann Elementary in Tower Grove South in 2011 as part of a larger group of closures that was recommended by consultant MGT

Instead of closure and potential demolition, under the new "Turnaround" plan, Mann would get a new principal and teachers would need to re-apply for their jobs, with no more than 50% being hired back.  For now, it seems that the lack of available money has forced SLPS to drop its plan to close and consolidate six elementary schools, including Mann, and build two new larger schools (one had potentially been slated for the site of Mann).  

Six schools were recommended for closure including: Alternative Ed South at Lyon, Bunche International Studies Middle, Ford Branch, Gallaudet, Pruitt Middle, and Fresh Start at Turner.  The full list of recommendations can be found in this mornings Post Dispatch


Chris said...

I guess Jennifer Florida flexed her muscles.

Doug Duckworth said...

It's ok. We will have Charter Schools like New Orleans, only at a slower pace.