Thursday, December 10, 2009

What will be the next threatened landmark?

Will it be the former Shriners Hospital Building (above)?  Will it be the Sun Theater?  Will it be Mann Elementary School?  Will you have a right to say anything about it?

Please join the Friends of the San Luis Friday night for the Anti-Wrecking Ball Holiday Kegger.  The Friends of the San Luis are presently appealing a ruling by Circuit Court Judge Dierker that stripped the right of citizens to appeal a Preservation Board ruling on the basis that they do not have legal standing to question any Preservation board action.  Come check out Old North St. Louis Restoration Group's newly renovated Community Gallery (one block south of Crown Candy), have some beer and support your right to fight for historic preservation in St. Louis.  All proceeds will go to the court ruling appeal fund.


Anonymous said...

Shriners and the old CID are both dead in the crosshairs of demolition. A coordinated effort is really needed now.

STLgasm said...

Tonight is going to rock the free world.

Anonymous said...

no the sun theater!
short story
a friend of mine came into town from Florida and we went to the Grand Center area because I had to drop an item off at an office and when I returned to my car my friend was not to be seen...wondering where she went she soon returned from taking PICTURES of the Sun theatre! (and she is not a shutterbug) She said it was a fantastic careful what you tear down St. Louisans gone is gone!

Anonymous said...

While the Sun Theatre sits and rots, Stages is still trying to get a facility built in Chesterfield.