Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preservation Board to Consider Cabanne Demolition a Second Time

Next Monday the St. Louis Preservation Board will consider the demolition of 5309 Cabanne for the second time in three years.  In August 2006 the Preservation Board turned town a request by Greg Vatterott to demolish the three story 2,800 s.f. single family home built in 1902.  As the detailed agenda from that meeting shows, the house has suffered some partial collapse of the rear masonry wall.  However, the rest of the home remains in relatively good shape.  In 2006, the Board felt that the minor damage at he rear wall did not warrant demolition.  Let's hope they come to the same conclusion next Monday.

The applicant this time is Tap In Properties, LLC, a Leesburg, Virgina company that provides "Janitorial and Post-Construction Cleaning for the Washington, Maryland and Virginia area", which acquired the home in August 2007.  "We are locally owned and operated so you can be assured you will receive quality dependable and honest service every time", states their website.  So what business do they have in tearing down historic homes in St. Louis, Missouri!??  

The same applicant has also applied to demolish a neighboring two-family townhouse building at 5305-07 Cabanne.  Unlike 5309, this building shows no signs of deterioration from the exterior.  The faded sign in the front lawn that has been up for some time reads "Coming Spring of 2008: 3-Bedroom Townhouse Units"  When I first saw the sign, I assumed that a renovation was going to occur.  The buildings are located in the Visitation Park Historic District, and are therefore eligible for Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits.  I'm tempted to call the number and ask when the renovated units will be ready.  A matching building at 5301-03 is occupied.  The detailed agenda for the upcoming meeting has yet to be posted, so there is no information as to the details of the proposal, if any for use of the site.

5307-07 Cabanne and its well-kept neighboring twin at 5301-03

Also on Monday's agenda is a proposal to demolish a 3 story corner building at 3924 S. Broadway.  As always, I encourage readers to attend the Preservation Board meeting on Monday, December 21st at 4:00 PM at 1015 Locust Street, Suite 1200 and testify to the Preservation Board their concerns or send your comments in before the meeting. Comments should be sent to:

St. Louis Preservation Board c/o
Adonna Buford, Secretary
1015 Locust Street, Suite 1100
St. Louis, MO 63101

Or email:


Chris said...

Aaargh, there are so many vacant lots in that neighborhood, why in Hell would you need to tear down anything for new construction!?

samizdat said...

They obviously are speculators, and now that the banks are holding their sphincters tightly shut-- because they are riding out the commercial real estate tumble--they're paying propery taxes on a structure they clearly have no intention of reclaiming. I suspect that a great number of demos are the result of owners attempting to get out from under their tax burden. Nothing to back that up but my own opinion, but still...

Vanishing STL said...

Yes, there is plenty of open land. LRA owns the big parcel right across the street where St. Philomena's was located.

Cockbag LLC said...

Amazing what how cutting the grass and a little landscaping will do to a place.

Chris said...

There was always talk in DC to raise the property taxes of vacant buildings and lots to higher than that of an occupied building. I don't think anything every came of it, but it sure was a good idea. My community is not someone else's investment.

Anonymous said...

so i just sent TAP an eamil asking what the hell they're doing (don't worry i was polite) and referenced this blog post. i don't expect a response but if i get one i'll pass it along.