Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Show the Archdiocese how much you love the San Luis

Join us at noon on Valentine's Day, this Saturday, February 14th at the northeast corner of Lindell & Taylor to show your Love for the San Luis!
As you are probably aware by now, the Archdiocese of St. Louis has proposed demolishing the San Luis and replacing this unique Mid-Century Modern landmark with of all things a surface parking lot.  

On Valentine's day we will gather to peacefully demonstrate how much we love this building (an how we would hate to see it fall for a parking lot).  For additional information, visit noparkinglotonlindell.com

The image above is an approximation of what the proposed parking lot would look like.  As you can see, we would be left with a giant hole in the urban streetscape of Lindell Boulevard.  Adding more trees will not hide the great void that we would be left with.  Original photo by Jeff Vines.  So please come Saturday at noon and show your love.


Anonymous said...

I am very, very much in support of your usual efforts to save significant St. Louis buildings or neighborhoods, but in this case, come on! Can't anybody take anything down to make room for unfolding needs without incurring the disdain of our preservationist friends. San Luis holds little architectural appeal, in fact, it's ugly and out of place where it is. The Archdiocese, which owns it, has pressing plans for the site that do not include abandonment or neighborhood deterioration. At a certain point one simply has to say "Enough of this anti-Catholic venom in St. Louis; let the Church alone to continue in her business of preaching the gospel, administering the sacraments, saving souls, caring for the poor, and generally building up St. Louis while also attending to the more pressing task of building up people for the afterlife."

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