Thursday, February 19, 2009

1965 Video Offers Glimpses of Lost Downtown Landmarks

Vintage 1965 Super 8 posted recently on Dawn Griffin's site offers views of several lost or altered Downtown landmarks and a rare view of an unfinished Gateway Arch.  The footage begins heading east on Market in front of Union Station with a view of the Blue Cross building, an international style gem that received an unfortunate re-muddling in the 1980's. Next there is a glimpse of the Buder Building which stood at 7th & Market until its implosion in 1984.  Then there is a sweeping view of the construction of the first Busch Stadium Downtown followed by a closer view of the unfinished Arch.

The video then jumps to Forest Park, all of which is still in existence with a somewhat dumbed down re-built of the fountain at Government Hill.  Thanks Dawn!

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