Friday, January 31, 2014

The Book House Has Been Demolished

The circa 1863 Gothic style cottage that was home to the Book House for almost 30 years has been demolished. Michelle Barron, owner of the Book House bookstore (but not the house) sent me these photos today. I posted last April that The Book House was being forced to move because the historic house and several other small buildings on adjacent parcels were to be demolished for construction of a new self storage facility. The recent photo above shows the cottage stripped of its windows and doors just prior to demolition.

Michelle captured these shots of the last corner of the cottage being flattened.

Yet another example of Rock Hill U-Gas Hill rolling over for any new development and letting the history of their community be destroyed.

A shot looking in a window of the cottage prior to demolition. 

A photo of the Book House when it still housed the book store. There is a silver lining to this story: the Book House bookstore has found a new home in historic downtown Maplewood! The new store location is 7352 Manchester, just east of Sutton. They have spent the last few months renovating the space and are targeting February 10th to re-open the store. This is good news indeed as a dwindling number of independent bookstores fight to sustain themselves.


miguel2586 said...

Such a shame...

Chris said...

Ingenious! Rock Hill is going to improve its financial fortunes by making itself into a suburb that looks like every other one. Historic buildings don't bring in tourists or anything.

r.r. montgomery said...

I loved the Book House, bought lots of books there. Knew they were moving. Visited at Christmas. But tearing the house down? Stupid. What next, Rockhill?