Saturday, November 16, 2013

At Least the Vitrolite is Being Re-purposed

An UPDATE from my post Monday about the removal of Art Deco Storefronts from the Board of Education Building: The Vitrolite panels are being re-purposed for a restoration of Art Deco era public restrooms atop the Hoover Dam!

A story on StlToday yesterday details how Tim Dunn and his company Vitrolite Specialist, Inc. carefully removed the Vitrolite and will be soon heading 1600 miles west to the Hoover Dam with 700 square feet of the black panels. St. louis should be proud that Vitrolite Specialist was chosen by the Department of the Interior because Dunn is the only one with "the expertise, experience and material" to do the restoration.

While I'm happy that the Vitrolite is being re-purposed, Downtown St. Louis will end up with a net loss of character with the removal of the Art Deco storefronts. Thanks Ann Aurbach and others for bringing yesterdays story to my attention.

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