Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Preservation Board to Consider Demolition of Saints Mary & Joseph School

Saints Mary & Joseph School
Next Monday, July 23rd, the Preservation Board will consider the proposed demolition of Saints Mary and Joseph School located at Holly Hills and Minnesota in Carondelet. The building is located in the Central Carondelet National Register Historic District, which would make the building eligible for both Missouri and Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits. The Archdiocese must be chomping at the bit to proceed with demolition, since window removal was already well underway a few weeks ago (the windows were not original). Photo above by Angelo Olegna.

Saints Mary & Joseph Parish School Aerial
The building is located just across the street from the historic Sisters of St. Joseph complex. As far as I know there is no proposal for any new structure on the site.

Saints Mary & Joseph School view from Holly Hills
The elevation of the school building is such that the Mississippi River could clearly be seen from the building (visible in lower right corner of the photo above). This would be a nice amenity for if the building was converted to housing, as many old schools have been successfully. More images of the school and church (which is not proposed for demolition) can be found on the Geo St. Louis. If you plan to attend the Preservation Board meeting (starts at 4:00 pm), please remember that the Cultural Resources offices and Preservation Board meetings are now located in 1520 Market Street. Comments can be emailed to Adona Buford:


Anonymous said...

What time should we be there?

Vanishing STL said...

Preservation Board meetings begin at 4:00 pm in the board room in suite 2000 of 1520 Market Street.

Chris said...

I explored this old school over the winter, the windows were gone already back then, and it appeared as if they had been gone for a while.

Favorite part of this building was the auditorium and stage, it was like something out of a horror movie... Balcony seating and all!

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

The Church and rectory are being used as a House of Discernment called Kolbe House.

I spoke with some people in the know...they had wanted to convert it to condos or apartments but could not find anyone to do it apparently.

Vanishing STL said...

Thanks for the info Tina. I wonder how who they marked the school to? Was it ever actively for sale? Our firm does has done the architectural work for a developer who has done several projects in Carondelet, and he seems to always be looking for other opportunities.