Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please Attend Next Mondays Preservation Board Meeting!

AAA Building - Lindell Blvd
You have likely heard that the Preservation Board will consider the proposed demolition of the AAA building on Lindell next Monday. Your opinions and comments are needed!

Lindell AAA-CVS Better Plan
The developer of the proposed new CVS and adjoining strip retail center will no doubt argue that the AAA building is inefficient and outmoded for its use and must come down for the new building. Contrary to this argument, a new prototypical CVS store complete with drive through can be accommodated on the western portion of the AAA site where the repair garage (which is no longer used) is located. Demolition of the beautiful modern colonnaded AAA is completely unnecessary!

CVS modern
We could hope that the architect for the new CVS could come up with something better than the standard beige fake stucco with some brick trim, but any plan that preserves the existing AAA building would be welcomed. What Should Be also posted an attractive alternative.

You will also likely hear that "AAA no longer wants to be in their current building". Fine. They can move out any time they like and put their existing building up for sale or lease. There are several retail spaces for lease in the adjacent 3949 Lindell mixed use development which was completed a few years ago that could accommodate the AAA office. There are also spaces available in the Lindell Marketplace center to the west and several other nearby buildings on Lindell. Additional new strip retail space is not needed on on Lindell.

If you have strong opinions about preserving the unique AAA building by renowned architect Wence Sarmiento, please consider attending the Preservation Board meeting next Monday, June 25th at 4:00 pm. Please note that the Cultural Resources Office along with all other City offices that were located in the 1015 Locust Building have moved to 1520 Market Street. The Preservation Board meetings will be held in the board room on the second floor at the new location. Public comments regarding any of the meetings agenda items, including the AAA proposal, are encouraged. If you cannot attend, please email your statement to the Adona Buford, the Board Secretary at

Landmarks Association has more information about the AAA's architect Wence Sarmiento, including an interview, on their News page.

1520 Market Street
If 1520 Market Street sounds unfamiliar to you, it is the former Abrams Federal Building just west of the Peabody Opera House (photo above from Geo St. Louis). This is the building that Larry Rice attempted to buy several years ago to turn into a homeless warehouse.

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