Tuesday, June 8, 2010

St. Louis Centre Bridge Demo Progress

The view down Washington Avenue is beginning to unfold.

With the glass and skin gone, the super-structure is beginning to be cut away from the top.

While the view down Washington will be vastly improved, there will still be one more barrier at the end of the Avenue.

A worker cuts through the insulated metal panels of the mall with a saws-all.

A close-up of the former entrances to Stix Baer & Fuller (Dillards).  The small balcony revealed near the former bridge roof level.  It was possibly a fire escape, but historic photos do not appear to show connecting stairs between the balconies.

The portion of the mall over the sidewalk is also being removed.

A view of the remaining bridge structure from the east.

Daylight!  A very refreshing sight on this stretch of Washington Avenue now that the floor structures have been removed.

sunlight strikes the awnings of the former Stix Baer & Fuller department store building for the first time in over 25 years.


Chris said...

James said they are definitely not fire escapes.

Michael R. Allen said...

Sometimes a balcony is just a balcony. Your photograph shows one of the original iron balconies.

BC said...

Washington Avenue underneath the bridge looks so much friendlier with some light coming in. It's really looking great