Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carr School Removed from Monday's Preservation Board Agenda

1612 Knapp, middle of the three homes grouped in the center. 

Carr School has been removed from the final Preservation Board agenda for Monday.  Both Carr School and 1612 Knapp, owned by Paul McKee's Dodier Investors LLC had been brought to the Preservation Board by the City's Department of Public Safety, which sought condemnation for demolition of the buildings.  1612 Knapp, which is located in the Clemens House-Columbia Brewery National Register Historic District has been removed from the final agenda as well.

The proposed demolitions of 3959 N. 11th in Hyde Park as well as 1925 S. 10th in Soulard, sought by Rothschild's Rehab Girls LLC (or is it Demolition Girls?) are still listed on the agenda.


Doug Duckworth said...

Bosley and CRO are against the demo so it's doubtful that it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Good! I would hate to see ANOTHER Ittner school destroyed.....