Thursday, May 21, 2009

Venue Change for McKee's Public Meeting

Tonight's public unveiling of McKee's North St. Louis Development Plan will be held at 7pm at  Central Baptist Church Educational Center, 2837 Washington Avenue, not Vashon High School as had previously been announced. The Education Center is located at the northeast corner of Washington & T E Huntley, which is half way between Compton & Jefferson.

This last minute venue change seems very short sighted. Two previously held "closed door stakeholder sessions" were held at this same location. I attended the last one on May 11th, and the room was full (I would estimate around 75-100 people), so instead of holding what is supposed to be a larger public meeting in a venue like Vashon's auditorium, which I would estimate seats around 4-500, McEagle has decided to hold the meeting in the same location. At the meeting on the 11th, the room was set up with large tables and chairs. Hopefully the "public engagement coordinator" will have the good sense to set up the room auditorium style which would more than double the capacity (I could see media people alone taking up a third of the room).

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