Monday, August 25, 2014

Buder & International Buildings Imploded 30 Years Ago Today

Buder & International Buildings implosion
Thirty years ago today at 7:24 am the Buder and International Buildings, which were located on the block bounded by 7th, 8th, Market & Chestnut Streets, were imploded to make way for implementation of the Gateway "Half-Mall" plan. Today the block is occupied by the Gateway One Building on the north half and a plaza/park on the south half.

The photo above is from the St. Louis Post-Dipatch archives. stltoday has a gallery of photos of the implosion and the buildings prior to demolition. For the history of the "Half-Mall" see 7 of The Evolution of the Gateway Mall by Preservation Research Office.

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samizdat said...

Ugh! Reliving the nightmare all over again. Hubris, stupidity and political corruption all on display, and yet they still fell.