Sunday, February 14, 2010

Muny Terrazzo Destroyed - Now a Pile of Rubble

Channel 5 News reported tonight that the terrazzo work of art that has graced the Muny's front door for 38 years has been completely destroyed (photo above from Channel 5's website).  Last month a water main break under the area caused some heaving and cracking in portions of the terrazzo but much of it was undamaged.  Instead of salvaging what could be saved and repairing or replacing the remaining portions, the entire work is now apparently a pile of rubble!

The report said that the Muny has been in contact with the original artist, Nancy Day, and are exploring options for replacement.  Nancy Day was a student at Washington University when she designed the work that was installed in 1971. 

A photo of the undamaged area of the work closer to the ticket booths.  A large percentage or the work appeared to have been free from cracks or heaving.


Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that, while large portions of the Terrazzo had been undamaged, it had to be removed due to the excavation work that needs to take place directly beneath it. Work that is necessary to insure the structural integrity of the surrounding ground and foundation.

A.A. said...

You (COULD HAVE) removed this in large chunks, yes it takes a bit more time and a bit more money, but this was a blatant seek and destory job, way to go Muny you cheap-ass bums.

Gregg said...

This is very sad, though I wouldn't call The Muny "cheap ass bums." Seems they do things first class, generally.

We know so little from the news, and looks can be deceiving.

If it was feasible to save the work, there are many deep pockets donors who would have stepped up to the monetary side of things, had the call gone out.

I will certainly miss that beautiful artwork, though.

A.A. said...

I was being nice!

Anonymous said...

Get over yourselves they will be replacing it!
Its not that old and Im sure all the documents are available and Terrazzo is easy to install....dont be such silly alarmists.

A.A. said...

WHAT?! Who is going to re-install what? That work of art is gone. It is not about just *any* terrazzo, it is about a specific work of Art destroyed.

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