Sunday, March 29, 2009

SLPS Superintendent to Speak at Mann Elementary Tuesday Night

St. Louis Public School Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams will be hosting a meeting this Tuesday evening, March 31 at Mann Elementary to discuss the school's future. The meeting will be at 6pm in the school's relatively new (15 years old) gymnasium east of the main building at Juniata and Oak Hill. On March 12th, the Special Administrative Board voted to adopt a plan that would close Mann in 2011 and replace it with a new school, which is rumored to be built on the site of the existing historic school resulting in it's demolition.

We encourage everyone interested in preserving Mann Elementary and keeping a model neighborhood school that works intact to attend Tuesday to show your support for taking Mann off the closing list for 2011.
Last Tuesday evening, members of the Alliance to Preserve Mann Elementary, were given an extensive tour of the interior of the historic school building, the original portion of which dates to 1901. We were impressed with the overall excellent condition of the school's interior. The building has generally been well maintained, and is exceptionally clean. The hardwood floors and granite base moldings found throughout the halls and classrooms shine bright enough to see a reflection.
The building's windows look almost new, and that is because they are. They were completely replaced with exact replicas of the originals in 1991 as part of a $100 million district wide renovation bond issue. The school's gymnasium is also almost new. It was completed in 1994, at a cost of $1,360,500.00 according to City real estate records.
Like any school of its age with older systems, the building could use an overhaul of it's HVAC system as well as electrical and plumbing upgrades. This presents an opportunity to install new systems through a renovation that would be more energy efficient and reduce operating costs.

Beyond the excellent condition of Mann's physical structure, there is the fact that the student enrollment is near capacity. The school is part of the EMints program which provides a computer for every two students. Additionally, students at Mann are able to participate in Oasis tutoring, Faithful Friends, and 40 students are enrolled in Urban Future programs. Mann is a model neighborhood school that should be removed from the Closing list.

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Ms. Malone/2nd grade mom 2012 said...

Mann elementary on Elmira in Detroit is VERY unprofessional. The principal; Ms. Frencher, is never at work, always out the building; thus leaving the responsibilities to the newly owned Asst. Pricipal, Ms. Davis, who realy don't know whats going on the school. The lunch aide, Ms. Gardener, who has the authority to expell kids, who does nothing, and gets this free money that is given to the facility. My kids teacher had the nerves to call me and tell me that she was sick of tired of my child, I told her, she needs to get a new profession ASAP> My son Matthew Malone was expelled twice in a two weeks period for defending hemself, after all the staff gatherings of the other students friends to make statements, I have decided to leave him in the school until the end of the school year, however,I am very concerned about the students safety in the building.