Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunset on Vandervoorts and the Shady Oak

Centene did not waste any time obliterating the former Library Ltd Building at Forsyth and Hanley. On October 17th, the Post reported barricades were going up around the Harris Armstrong landmark built as the first suburban branch of Scruggs Vandervoort Barney Department Store. By last Friday evening, the entire building was gone. Core 10 Architecture, whose office is directly across Hanley in another MCM building, captured the building's last stand in a video that is now on the front page of their site.

A few hundred feet east, demolition has begun on the Shady Oak, which is being demolished for a new parking lot for the building on the corner. According to Yesterday's Post the theater's distinctive blend of art deco and colonial revival was the work of architects Frederick Dunn and Campbell Alden Scott.

Fortunately, our ultimate destination in Clayton that evening The Fatted Calf, which opened in 1969, is still standing, and has thankfully not changed at all under new ownership. Soon the same will not be able to be said of the original Fatted Calf at 10th & Locust Downtown... see previous post.


Anonymous said...

That picture of the Shady Oak makes me very sad. Not only because its going away, but because I never got around to going down there and photographing it.


Anonymous said...


I appreciate your blog very much.

What is going on with the Avalon on Chippewa and Kingshighway? The other day I was driving and noticed it was barricaded off.