Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Decommissioning A City: The Team 4 Plan in real time - Youngstown, Ohio

A post today by Abby Wilson on GLUEspace focuses on a CNN Money article about a plan currently being implemented in Youngstown, Ohio. Dubbed Plan 2010, is essentially the decommissioning of the city, block by block in areas of the city that have decayed. Abandoned buildings are demolished, streets and infrastructure are ripped out, and the area is returned to open green space in order to save money that would otherwise be spent to maintain the infrastructure.

This is basically the "Team 4 Plan" officially adopted and put into action. Youngstown has given up hope that urban re-birth will ever occur and is pulling the plug. The really scary thing is that officials in other smaller rust-belt cities are coming to Youngstown to study the plan to see if it is something they should adopt in their respective cities.


The Urbanophile said...

It may be scary, but it is probably also realistic. It doesn't seem likely that the urban core of a place like Youngstown is going to stage a Chicago-like comeback. OTOH, it's applicability as a model may be limited to cities in a similar situation. St. Louis is a very different place.

Anonymous said...

sure, because waiting patiently makes so much more sense. you've completely failed to include the fact that youngstown 2010 was a community-wide planning process.

st louis should learn how to decline with grace. i think you're articulating a pretty superficial definition of hope.