Monday, June 25, 2007

Livery Stable Demolition Progresses

Last week the demolition permit was issued to SLU to demolish the historic livery stable at 3401 Locust. The west wall of the building facing the a portion of the parking lot that already surrounds the building.
A closer view shows the roof has been completely removed
A gaping hole in the Locust Street facade reveals the buildings heavy timber framing now open to the sky. The metal straps seen on the underside if the beams is a somewhat unusual engineering design employed to increase the spanning capacity of the timbers. The recently demolished Switzer Building used a similar technique although with much larger iron members.
Some of the last roof joists are visible through the east windows along Josephine Baker.
The upper story of the north wall has almost been completely reduced to pallets of used brick


Anonymous said...

SLU should be ashamed!!!

A reader from Dallas

LisaS said...

sad, sad, sad.